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Garbage bags (bin liners)

T-shirt bags (carrier bags)

Doggie bags

Envelope bags

Packaging bags

Garment bags

Courier bags



Unlike conventional plastic bags which can be stored for tens of years, the shelf life for plant based bags is unually within 6-8 months. So to  ensure all bags are at their best status, we do not keep stock but are all freshly made  according to needs. The following bags are more frequently produced by us during the year.

·     90cm x 120cm, 30pcs/roll

·     90cm x 100cm, 20pcs/roll

·     80cm x 90cm, 30pcs/roll

·     60cm x 75cm, 50pcs/roll

·     50cm x 50cm, 50pcs/roll

·     46cm x 50cm, 50pcs/roll

·     40cm x 50cm, 50pcs/roll

·     40cm x 48cm, 50pcs/roll


Other sizes are also welcomed!



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